Full Guide How Automatically Set Up Video Card Drivers for Windows 10 on Asus laptop | 2020 Updated

It’s a little less refined than Crostini, but does the trick. I won’t wade into the debate on which is tastier, but Crouton does have some distinct advantages. The biggest advantage is that it runs on just about any ChromeOS device that has devmode.

I have had two ARM chromebooks , and they have been my daily driver since 2013. The feature they have that laptops don’t have is good battery life — my C201 gets 12+ hours a day!

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The experience reminds me a lot of working from a netbook. I have Crostini installed, and have been working my way though testing out a multitude of programs. Not everything works perfectly, but each update brings fixes and features. Crouton running Gnome and Gimp on a ChromebookDownload the crouton binary, install it to the proper location, and run sudo crouton -t xfce to download and set up the image. Once it’s installed, sudo enter-chroot startxfce4 starts up the chroot and launches the XFCE desktop. From there, install the Crouton extension and xiwi, and you can run linux application GUIs right on your ChromeOS desktop.

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I basically don’t care about anything other than those three factors so I would put up with a lot of bull to get that result. Pricing looks like the only real benefit over a ‘laptop’ …as far as I can tell. That said, I bought a Motile 141 laptop for $200 a few months back which has a very nice FHD and is easily upgrade able First thing I did was wipe Win10 and install KUbuntu (now on 20.04 LTS) . I upgraded mine to 16GB of ram and an additional 1TB m.2 drive for example.

Remove 6 or so screws and the back comes off exposing 2 M.2 slots and 1 memory slot. The machine has plenty of power and fairly snappy for what we use it for and the weight is ‘very’ light compared to my previous laptops. I just don’t see how a Chrome Book would be ‘more’ useful . All my Intel Video cards Drivers Windows 10 knowledge about linux can fit on a post-it note, but I was able to install Mint on my chrome book within about an hour. The most time consuming part of the process was opening the case so I could remove the write protect screw from the board. I’ve written most of this article from the Acer tablet I mentioned earlier.

You can get closed source drivers for the Mali GPU in most ARM Chromebooks, but getting them to actually work was one problem after another. I did finally win, but by that time I didn’t care anymore. I just use fbdev X11 and it performs well and is rock-solid. For the few programs that really want GL , I actually run the program on my PC and view it over vncviewer! I tried Crouton, and in an hour of playing with it I ran into so many limits I right away decided to replace the OS. It didn’t seem hard to me, but maybe that tells you more about me. You can get the source to the stock kernel Google uses for these things, and I used that as a starting point…so the plus side is, it gave me a leg up on fighting with drivers.