Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of before you buy the show we give you some of our straight-up gameplay and our thoughts on the latest games releasing as always I’m your guy Jake Baldino and I apologize I’m very sick my voice probably sounds worse than it usually does but let’s talk about Ghost Recon wildlands this is a difficult game to play as an old-school fan of the series but if you’re like me you just got to get that out of the way right now this does not really feel like it goes recon game much at all it’s not really a reboot or a spiritual successor it’s just kind of its own new thing that’s not necessarily a bad thing just something to get over but was it worth really ditching the vibe of the classic Ghost Recon games as well as Advanced Warfighter in future soldier games yeah I think that’s really up for debate wildland sets up like this you create your own custom character with a pretty limited set of tools and then you drop behind enemy lines in the country of Bolivia to systematically take down drug cartels and the big bad guy who is actually pretty cool looking else way know how you tackle all this and the order in which you dismantle is completely up to you this is where wildlands is going to impress the map is absolutely huge I’d almost argue that it’s too huge but for some players you know the bigger the better it’s filled with things of you there’s missions to accomplish this Intel together to get new locations and items their supplies to tag to aid in your progression there’s really no issue here about things ever really being boring there’s always something to do in wild lands that’s just how it’s designed it also feels more like a Ubisoft map filled Far Cry style game more than something like the division which is honestly what I was expecting it to feel like this is going to make or break it right here for some people here seriously a lot here but at least thankfully the large size does give way to plenty of visual variety in the environment there’s a lot of different biomes that you’re going to be dealing with here they’ve basically made an entire Bolivia with mountains streams jungles frozen areas cities small towns deserts basically everything of course it’s exaggerated because it’s a video game but there’s just a lot going on here and exploring it could be kind of fun you’ll definitely realize how big it all is the first time you fly up in a plane or a helicopter it has 20 ish regions to conquer and each one can take an hour or so depending on the difficulty but I definitely recommend playing on a harder difficulty mode for like more of a real ghost I’m feeling experienced at least something like that even still mechanically wildlands is more simplistic than I was hoping thankfully though it still manages to feel somewhat tactical compared to your average shooter of this generation you know encounters and faces usually favor a stealthy approach you get it it’s all about creeping around using binoculars and drones to tag your enemies and then get in a Koppel XI objective and get out probably pop off some headshots in between you can rapidly switch between two weapons at a sidearm and its really nice that you have a choice of on-the-fly removing your suppressor and changing your rate of fire mode you even have some light squad commands here for your three other AI control partners following you like I said it seems simpler than older school tactical assault stealth games you know it’s no classic reticle based ghost recon or SOCOM u.s. Navy SEALs but it’s fun and rewarding enough thankfully aiming controls allow you to switch between over-the-shoulder and first-person this really makes the shooting controls pretty solid you feel effective and smooth pulling off headshots or going in guns blazing and while that is what it retains from Ghost Recon is that the game favors a stealthy approach going in guns blazing doesn’t feel like you’re doing it wrong at all because of controls so well some people might feel to be a little clunky but I otherwise enjoyed it while there are progression systems here and there which I’ll get you the big one is faction management and you’re standing within working with rebels for example that’s you more abilities to call in which all works pretty well and incentivize me at least to work towards them but as much as there is to do scenarios within the narrative often really take themselves very seriously despite the rest of the game coming off kind of as light-hearted and fun dealing a Lamborghini from a drug dealer in an early mission should be crazy and fun silly but the moments kind of fall flat I think mostly deuces and non-existing characters they’re just boring with some mostly lame voice Aguila mom thankfully though it can mostly be ignored you know you know what you have to do I did encounter quite a variety of loves on ps4 though getting stuck in environments and clipping through vehicles but really the biggest offender here is the team AI while they are a pretty good shot the majority of times they’re extremely dumb and I noticed that getting into vehicles really becomes a chore very quickly but this is where the good stuff comes in you should really kick those AI teammates to the curb on their ass because drop in drop out co-op works great here you barely have to even think about it before being matched up with friends or random it all works pretty seamlessly and smartly with minimal lag or matchmaking issues at least so far while I noticed it’s a four-player squad-based game if you’re only playing with one friend the game doesn’t populate the other two characters with AI you’re just on your own and it’s funny because you hear some of the dialogue from non existing characters that aren’t even in a game sometimes other than that the game takes a multiplayer approach into account very well the game’s enemies repopulate based on how many friends you’re playing with and then good times are to be had some people think this is a weakness and sometimes it is but I truly think Ghost Recon wildlands is much better with friends it basically saves the game this is where the game can get both highly tactical and incredibly goofy which i think is a nice balance spotting enemies with friends is easier and you feel badass when you’re communicating and dominating through an encounter then in the next second you’re all skydiving out of a plane free-falling and parachuting into an enemy base or driving a dirt bike down a mountain this stuff is where the game completely kicks a bit of ass although the driving mechanics are kind of clunky at best of course you can always adjust sensitivity but it still just comes down to poor mechanic except for steering the dirtbike I think they nailed that and then it feels really cool I think this game is for a very specific type of player the thing that ultimately turned me off were the progression systems they weren’t really enticing or engaging enough getting new equipment parts and customizing your gun to your liking down to individual parts and components it’s pretty awesome but that’s really where it stops the other stuff the light RPG upgrade elements for gadgets stamina and aim stability don’t really feel like enough to keep me going alone or really playing through a lot of this game because I think that’s going to vary for some people because if you do like a little bit of the sandbox elements of the world and you do like exploring you might find a reason to keep playing through because if you’re looking for an open world filled with dudes to shoot especially with your friends wild lands might be your thing however though I think if you’ve played the beta that gives you a pretty good assessment of what to expect with you’re either gonna love it or feel kind of underwhelmed because for me it didn’t quite think its hooks in me as deep as I was hoping it’s not amazing but there’s still plenty to be had here because if you’re just looking for pure content here Ghost Recon wildlands you will probably get your bang for your buck for quite some time but you know that’s hello before you buy works I give you some pros some cons and some personal opinion and now I want to hear yours down in the comments if you hopped into Ghost Recon day one let me know your experience if you’ve been a fan of the series for a long time but you’re looking from the outside in I want to know what you’re thinking as well also if this is your first Ghost Recon game let me know what you think or if you just straight-up hate this game I’m pretty sure you’re going to be commenting too but as always guys thank you so much for coming around and checking this out clicking the like button helps out a ton and if for some reason you are new clicking subscribe is a good idea because we put out videos every single day but as always thanks for watching we’ll see you guys next time you