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Thanks to including Bazaarvoice reviews functionality in post-purchase emails, M&S has increased customer feedback by more than 400%. Drawbacks include the fact that such reviews tell other potential customers nothing about buying from your site in particular, as reviews are generally syndicated. These reviews are also authenticated, so customers know that the person leaving the review has actually purchased the product in question. One guaranteed method of getting enough customer reviews to make your product pages more persuasive for shoppers is to use a third party reviews provider, such asReevooorBazaarvoice.

A book, game or film will often divide opinion, but reviews of electrical products which highlight flaws will be more likely to deter others. The tolerance of bad reviews varies depending on age groups.

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Guest blogger Mike Essex has listed 20 ways to attract customer reviews, which should provide plenty of ideas. Much depends on the context and the way reviews are displayed, which I’ll look at elsewhere in this post.

The result is an understated implementation that works great. It’s great to have lots of reviews, but once the number of reviews gets to a certain point, it’s important to find ways to organise reviews and help other shoppers make sense of them. This is possibly best limited to post-purchase emails, so that people aren’t leaving reviews just to enter a competition or receive a discount. However, if you are attracting reviews from people who haven’t used the product or, as is often the case on Amazon, reviews for items which haven’t even been released, they may be less useful to other shoppers. There are plenty of product pages that have yet to attract customer reviews, perhaps because the products are niche, or newly released.

The benefits of bad reviews very much depends on the proportion of good to bad. The negative reviews make the positive ones more believable, but there is a point at which they ring alarm bells for consumers.

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  • New features will include personal profiles, a store and a dynamic feed.
  • Two-Brain clients will get the brandable app for free for a year.
  • That said, Arbox is always adding more reports, including lead/conversion stats, booking statistics, retention metrics, employee efficiency reports and a summary view.
  • While the dashboards, insights and reports are good, users cannot fully customize them.

68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores, while 30% suspect censorship or faked reviews when they don’t see any negative opinions on the page. Reevoo found that people that seek out and read bad reviews convert better, as the very fact that they are paying such close attention means they are more likely to be in purchase mode.

For example, 28% of the age group and 33% of year olds would be deterred after reading two bad reviews, compared with just 10% of 18 to 24s. Recent research from Lightspeed found that between one and three bad online reviews would be enough to deter the majority (67%) of shoppers from purchasing a product or service. If, for instance, a product page contains 15 reviews, and two are negative, then the other 13 look trustworthy.

Indeed, recent stats from Reevoo suggest that the presence of bad reviews actually improves conversions by 67%. All reviews are valuable, and a mix of positive and negative reviews helps to improve consumer trust in the opinions they read. As many pages on the site as possible should feature user reviews to maximise the opportunity to rank well for this content and capitalise on long tail traffic.