7 Secret Settings to Update Poor Windows Reserved Storage Productivity After Installing Antivirus

Isn’t it frustrating to get an error when you open a program that you use all the time? You can enable keyboard shortcuts to take actions inside Alt-Tab Terminator. You can use the Zoom Desktop Client and Mobile App to change some settings without logging in to the Zoom web portal. So in Windows 10, Microsoft decided to retain those colorful live tiles—on the right side of the Start menu ( Figure 1-9 ). Less portability: We researched around 160 different touch vs non-touch laptops and found out that the machines with touchscreen panels weighed slightly more than the normal non-touch clamshell models.

Now every time I turn on my computer share across devices is back on, so I keep shutting it off where I enjoy a faster internet. If a selection is made, then an event is generated that will equal the ButtonMenu’s key value. Microsoft really wants you to use a Microsoft account with Windows 10 — one that’s linked to an email address. Turn notifications on or off in the Action Center. When restart is required, users are prompted to restart for up to seven days, and then restart is forced.

To establish the link between phone and PC, you will need to install Edge and then sign into your Microsoft account. On your phone, tap Allow when asked to make your phone visible to other Bluetooth devices. In Windows 10, your device is always kept up to date to have the latest features and fixes. If you’re tired of waiting for this annoying animation to complete, here are 2 ways to disable first sign-in animation in Windows 10 so you can get the desktop environment loaded more quickly.

Windows runs a scan on your computer and lets you know how much space you can save if you run Disk Cleanup. The Start Menu was such a hit that it stayed in more or less the same format for the next few iterations of the Windows operating system. You should be able to notice that the lock screen timeout has changed. Select the Shared experiences link on the left-hand side. This build has a variety of minor updates and bug fixes, including fixing an issue that prevented some users from signing out because the user session stops responding, and another issue that caused some systems to stop responding at sign-in because several background services were being hosted in the same service host process.

The build also has a variety of bug fixes, including for one in which Cortana didn’t respond to Hey, Cortana,” another in which the Settings app was hanging or crashing when accessing the System or Ease of Access sections, and another in which if a new account profile picture synced from the cloud, your old one might not be listed in the picture history in Accounts Settings. DLL errors are very common. Here it is, 17 July, some 97 days after it was supposedly released on 11 April and I still do not have the Privacy Update to start the installation process of the Creators Update.

Restore points use a lot of hard drive space. C = specifies the hours that Windows will use to determine how to long to wait before checking for updates but it does not prevent unplanned reboots. Conemu#104 : Add default task for Git-for-Windows-v2. Before making any changes to the registry file, it is important to back up the entire registry database. This setting is perfect for when you just need a quick break from resource-intense updates or when you don’t want Windows to proceed with installing an update it has already downloaded.

Microsoft has finally acknowledged – by tweet, no less – what many have known since Friday: The optional, non-security” August patch for Win10 version 1903, KB 4512941, can redline your PC. Thanks, Cortana. If you’re a domain administrator, you can manage Windows 10 PCs using the full set of server based Active Directory tools. I suspect the issue may lie within Windows though can not be certain. 03. If you want to activate rotation and turn off Lock, tap the same quick action button again.

I can rapidly refer to other projects by just switching virtual desktop, without having to minimise or switch between apps. User-level installations like with Chrome or previews of Edge no longer work with the stable version. You can now edit various aspects about the event, including the notifications settings. Using CODEOWNERS sections allows multiple teams that only need to approve certain changes, to set their own independent patterns by specifying discrete sections in the CODEOWNERS file.

There are two most popular options to bypass Microsoft’s update servers and deploy updates from a locally managed server. You may be wondering, "Which touch screen laptop should I buy?" The answer is dependent on who you are and what you’re hoping this touch screen laptop can accomplish for you. Due to static power consumption and asymptotic execution time it has been shown that the energy consumption of a piece of software shows convex energy behavior, i.e., there exists an optimal CPU download frequency at which energy consumption is minimal.

At the screen to verify your identity, choose how you wish to receive your security code to confirm your account. However, sometimes auto-rotation in desktop or tablet mode may stop working for no apparent reason, or the "Rotation lock" option may appear grayed out making it impossible for Windows 10 to turn the screen to the correct orientation automatically. It also includes a handful of minor bug fixes, including fixing an issue that caused some win32 apps to cause an unexpected increase in CPU usage if left idle after having opened the Common File Dialog.