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Site123 is a good website builder for creating online stores. Nearly all of the setup is done for you with an online store template – all you have to do is add the product information onto your site to start selling. Using Squarespace as an online store is just as easy as creating a blog. It has templates designed specifically to work as online stores, and a really straightforward product manager system that will let you manage prices and track stock. PayPal, debit/credit card and Apple Pay payment options are also built-in.

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You’ll also be missing out on some really useful features which could make your website better for your users, help make you more money, or give you more exposure. Should you want to, you can even create a website without paying a penny. A lot of website builders – including Wix – offer free trials, so you can have a play around with the builder before committing to a monthly outlay. Indeed, making your website unique is generally pretty painless. It’s almost like editing a PowerPoint presentation – in fact, most website builders use drag-and-drop editors which allow you to plonk text, images and more exactly where you want them.

Don’t be intimidated – Most website builders offer loads of help and support options, so you’ll be able to fix any problems. Use a website builder – They’re cheaper than web developers, and give you a website you know how to use. One downside, though, is that using a website builder will require slightly more of your time.

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  • The main problems occur when you attempt to do anything outside the “expected” user flows such as adding your own tracking or marketing software layers on top.
  • Unless you are paying or using their preferred platforms you can quickly find yourself out of luck.
  • I want your advice please, is there any place that I can make a website that is user friendly like wix?
  • How many so called web designers would have loss their work to wix.

If you want your website to look fantastic, Squarespace is the website builder for you. It mine craft only has 91 templates to choose from, but since they’re developed in-house by Squarespace themselves, all of them provide an extremely high design standard.

However, it’s still a fantastic website builder, armed with loads of great aspects for users new to website construction. The templates are flexible, and you can change between them at any time.

Hiring a website developer could be right for you. But, by creating the site yourself, you will be able to make the exact site you want, rather than a developer’s approximation of your requests. Moreover, website builders are almost always cheaper than opting for a website developer.

You won’t have to pay a large deposit upfront, nor will you have to pay an excessive monthly or yearly retainer on a contract which could span multiple years. Instead, you’ll have complete control of your payment options on a month-to-month basis, which can be turned on-or-off as and when you feel like it. It’s not all good news with a free site, however. When it comes to publishing it, you’ll likely have to put up with adverts from your website builder of choice along the side, which won’t make your site look as professional.