That is not how it should be understood, explained the 46-year-old

That is not how it should be understood, explained the 46-year-old

The industry is not directly affected by the current partial lockdown in Germany and many other countries, as it was in the spring, when car dealerships were closed for weeks and the plants had to shut down. Not only the Wolfsburg made high losses in the second quarter. In the third quarter, however, things looked significantly better at VW, Daimler and BMW – among other things, because the market in China got significantly more momentum again.

For the coming weeks Diess remains confident because of a „healthy order situation“. However, further development depends to a large extent on large economies getting the disease under control and avoiding restrictions that would damage demand. In the long term, climate change will remain the greatest challenge humanity faces.

The industry is currently in a state of upheaval towards the electrification of drives. This has already been initiated in many of the twelve vehicle brands of the VW Group: The core brand, for example, recently launched the ID.3 from the Golf class, and the ID.4 compact SUV will follow at the turn of the year. According to Diess, the British luxury offshoot Bentley is set to become an electric brand in the next four to five years.

The changeover will not go without cuts. „The change will mean that jobs will be lost in certain places, but new ones will also be created in other places,“ said Diess at a conference of the Foundation 2 °, an entrepreneurial initiative. Overall, he is confident: „I think the change is manageable.“

The increasing number of registrations shows that e-cars are „no longer a pure niche product“. „In the next few years it will be quite natural for us to drive electrically.“ The charging infrastructure remains a critical point: „It is growing rapidly in Germany, but of course you also have to travel across Europe.“ Europe could play a pioneering role in climate protection. „We’d be making a big mistake if we didn’t take climate change seriously.“

Despite the lack of clarity, Wolfsburg’s sports director Karl-Heinz Fliegauf defends himself against criticism of the late decision about the start of the season in the German Ice Hockey League. „I believe that we have done a lot of things right so far and still have the scepter of action in our own hands,“ said Fliegauf after Wolfsburg’s 7-0 win at the test tournament against the Düsseldorfer EG of the German press agency. There is still the possibility to play „a reasonable season“. „I think it was right to wait and see.“

The decision on a DEL season start should be made on Thursday. The room starts on December 18th. „I have a good feeling that we might be able to start at full strength,“ said Fliegauf. „That would of course be very good for ice hockey and for our league.“

Since Wednesday, eight of 14 clubs have been competing in a preparatory tournament that runs until mid-December. Six clubs decided not to participate for economic reasons. „The processes worked well,“ said Fliegauf with a view to the first games.

The Grizzlys Wolfsburg have clearly won at the end of the first day of the ice hockey preparation tournament. The DEL Club won 7-0 (3-0, 1-0, 3-0) on Saturday against a severely weakened Düsseldorfer EG and leads Group A ahead of the Fischtown Pinguins from Bremerhaven. The Seestädter won against the Krefeld Penguins with 3: 1.

Without a spectator in the Wolfsburg ice arena, the hosts led after nine minutes with goals from Anthony Rech (6th minute), Jordan Boucher (7th) and Matti Järvinen (9th) with 3-0. Sebastian Furchner (38th), once again Järvinen (41st), Max Görtz (52nd) and Spencer Machacek (53rd) ensured a runaway victory in the end.

On Tuesday (7.30 p.m.) the Wolfsburg team will continue in Krefeld, one day later the Pinguins Bremerhaven will play against DEG.

At the end of these three turbulent Wolfsburg days, Oliver Glasner was simply satisfied. Only shortly after some differences between him and sports director Jörg Schmadtke were publicly carried out at VfL, the club almost lost a 2-0 lead against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Because goalkeeper Koen Casteels parried a penalty from Munas Dabbur in the fourth minute of stoppage time, it remained on Sunday with an initially convincing and in the end very happy 2-1 (2-0) win against the big rivals of the previous season. All Wolfsburg players pounced on their Belgian keeper after this parade.

„We won a very important game today,“ said Glasner. „And we shouldn’t just focus on the last few minutes. The team played a very good game up to the 75th / 80th minute.“

Renato Steffen brought the „Wolves“ into the lead in the sixth minute. Wout Weghorst quickly increased to 2-0 (26th) and even missed a penalty (84th) at this score, which could have saved the „wolves“ from trembling. But that started only three minutes later, when Sargis Adamyan (87th) scored 1: 2 and a handball by Maximilian Arnold caused the penalty.

This victory and its occurrence at least managed to dim the great unrest of the past few days a little. Glasner had complained on Thursday and Friday of the failure of another offensive commitment on two occasions. Schmadtke then criticized the time and manner of these statements („This is not Phantasialand here“).

On Sunday Glasner arranged his statements again. „I didn’t take it as a criticism at all. That’s not how it should be understood,“ said the 46-year-old in a Sky interview and later added at the press conference about the game: „I’ve always spoken in the we-form. We complemented and strengthened the squad very well. Unfortunately, only one requirement profile did not work. „

During the international break, he will „sit down again with Schmadtke and discuss the matter“. He rules out any consequences of their dispute. Glasner was asked on Sunday whether he was thinking of resigning himself. The answer was, „No, in no way.“ Does he expect to sit on the bench again for the next game at FC Schalke 04? „Yes, of course!“

From a sporting point of view, despite the drop in performance in the second half, there is no reason to question the cooperation between VfL and its Austrian coach that has existed since 2019. On Sunday, the team remained unbeaten in the seventh Bundesliga game of the season. And that the big flaw this autumn, the failure in the Europa League qualification at AEK Athens, also has its advantages, is now shown by the example of Hoffenheim.

The Wolfsburg opponent has won each of his three games internationally, but has now been without a win in the league for five games. The heavy load, the many failures – TSG can hardly cope with that at the moment. Glasner, on the other hand, can take care of the further development of his team relatively stress-free and also emphasized in this context: Apart from the lack of a fast offensive player, he was „super happy with all the other newcomers. We have great opportunities and a great squad.“

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim can apparently only win in the Europa League. Sebastian Hoeneß’s team lost 1: 2 (0: 2) at VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday and thus remained the fifth Bundesliga game in a row without a win. The goals by Renato Steffen (6th minute) and Wout Weghorst (26th) also ensured a small sporting revenge between the two clubs: On the last day of the last season, Hoffenheim had the last place directly to be awarded to Wolfsburg snatched away from the Europa League.

The victory could have been higher, but Weghorst shot a penalty in the 84th minute next to the goal. Instead, Hoffenheim scored through Sargis Adamyan in the 87th minute. Munas Dabbur missed a hand penalty in stoppage time and forgave the draw for Hoffenheim. Since the furious 4: 1 over FC Bayern in September, the Kraichgauer have been waiting for a win. In the table, the gap to the top ranks, which would be necessary for further international participation, is increasing.

„Of course it is a fact that we play a lot of games and have no way of controlling the load. Today we could have used one or the other on the pitch. But I am not starting to complain now,“ said coach Hoeneß. But it was not because of the question of strength, but „rather the mental. We have to acquire another strength“, added the head coach.

But hardly anyone talked about Hoffenheim before the game. Rather, everything revolved around the differences between VfL trainer Oliver Glasner and sports director Jörg Schmadtke, after the Austrian complained on two occasions that another offensive commitment had failed on Thursday and Friday. Schmadtke then criticized the time and manner of these statements („This is not Phantasialand here“). But the Hoffenheim game dimmed the excitement again significantly.

On the one hand, the players were completely unimpressed and could have led 3-0 after ten minutes. On the other hand, Glasner rearranged his statements in a Sky interview. „I did not take it as criticism at all. It should not be understood that way,“ said the 46-year-old. „I said: we. I didn’t even say: I had these ideas and the sports management had other ideas. We had the same ideas that we could not implement in just one position.“ He is „super happy“ with all the other newcomers.

Three of them (Baku, Lacroix, Philipp) were also back in the starting line-up against Hoffenheim and helped to almost overtake their big rivals from the previous season at the beginning. Josip Brekalo had the first big chance in the 3rd minute. The two goals for the 2-0 lead then fell almost inevitably, but also curiously.

At first, referee Sven Jablonski refused to acknowledge the 1-0 win by Swiss Steffen, until the video assistant signaled to him after almost two minutes: Nobody was offside. The 2-0 came with the second margin, after Steffen and goal scorer Weghorst had failed twice before trying to get the ball over the goal line. Hoffenheim only became dangerous in the final minutes of the first half through Ishak Belfodil (40th) and Christoph Baumgartner (45th + 3).

At TSG, the contrast between the Europa League and the Bundesliga is getting bigger and bigger. While you have won every game internationally so far, you have now lost four of the last five games in the league. The list of failures became longer and longer due to the positive corona test at Jacob Bruun Larsen. In the Volkswagen Arena, coach Sebastian Hoeneß was missing a total of nine professionals.

Despite this handicap and the 2-0 deficit, Hoffenheim fought their way back into this game. They dominated the second half, but missed the necessary connecting goal several times, which would have made the Wolfsburg nervous again. Munas Dabbur missed the best chance in the 73rd minute.

Half a year after the birth of her twins, the German national soccer goalkeeper Almuth Schult is working on her comeback. The 29-year-old from VfL Wolfsburg would like to work for a better balance between sport and family and also for greater recognition of women’s football. „If my daughter should play football at some point, I would like to be able to say: I have contributed to making it even more fun now,“ said Schult of the German press agency. But it is not yet back to 100 percent. As a goalkeeper, like a field player, she cannot be substituted on briefly to get match practice.

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess does not currently consider a new purchase premium for cars to be necessary. „If we are not faced with a second lockdown or another economic downturn, I would argue that there is no need for a new purchase premium,“ Diess told the Financial Times newspaper (Tuesday). „There have been quite a few incentives out there for electric cars and plug-in hybrids in Germany and across Europe, and it worked,“ he said.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Diess loudly advocated state purchase premiums. Daimler boss Ola Källenius recently spoke out against further subsidies.

Most recently, the German auto industry presented decent sales figures again in the third quarter. At Daimler and BMW there was even an increase thanks to strong growth in China; the VW Group itself was only slightly in the red compared to the previous year.

In several European countries, governments and industry are promoting car sales with purchase premiums or tax breaks. In Germany, electric cars and mixed drives are subsidized more heavily, and VAT has been reduced for a limited period. The interim balance for the car market in the EU is still deep red after the first nine months with a drop in new registrations of almost 29 percent.

VfL Wolfsburg scored their first win of the season in the Bundesliga on the fifth match day. After four draws in a row, Lower Saxony defeated promoted Arminia Bielefeld 2-1 (2-0) on Sunday. The decisive factor for coach Oliver Glasner’s team was a double strike from Wout Weghorst and Maximilian Arnold in the 19th and 20th minutes. After that, however, the hosts failed to expand the lead. So it got exciting again in the final phase after Sven Schipplock’s (80th) goal. For Bielefeld it was the third defeat in a row.

Alexandra Popp from VfL Wolfsburg suffered a capsule injury in her right foot. According to VfL, the captain of the German soccer champions suffered the injury in the Bundesliga match at SC Freiburg (1: 1). The 29-year-old was carried off the field a few minutes before the final whistle. The downtime depends „on Popps complaints,“ wrote VfL.

After the delayed start of the first fully electric Volkswagen ID.3, the carmaker’s balance sheet is positive six weeks after the start of delivery. „So far there have been around 38,000 orders, and more than 14,000 vehicles have already been delivered,“ said a group spokesman for the dpa news agency on Monday.