The scandal is worked up: Attempted storming of the Reichstag has an afterthought

The scandal is worked up: Attempted storming of the Reichstag has an afterthought

The alternative practitioner, who called for the storm from the stage on Saturday, had already announced on Friday that the “fake government” would be dealt with by the Yellow West Berlin on Saturday. @JMuellerToewe & I do research.

– Lars Wienand (@LarsWienand) August 31, 2020

In the audience at the speech there was a man with distinctive sunglasses and a yellow vest, who belongs to the core of the Berlin group. He clapped. The next day he and K. stood in front of the Reichstag. There he spread false information via megaphone that US President Donald Trump was in town: "He gave us half an hour to gather here and claim our sovereignty and the peace treaty." Another video shows him telling bystanders: "We have to go to this building." He was legitimized to do so.

The man with the megaphone: Like Tamara K., the activist of the Yellow West in Berlin spread the misinformation that Trump was in town. (Source: Screenshot: Twitter)

K. repeated the absurd rumor about President Trump in her speech on the stage in front of the Reichstag building. Not the only thing: Previously, video recordings of K. and her fellow campaigners had already been made using a megaphone to persuade passers-by to participate in the demonstration in front of the Reichstag. They spread the rumor that the police no longer had any power. 

Naturopath: Action was "completely spontaneous"

Immediately after the speech in front of the Bundestag, demonstrators finally overcame the barriers. K. was at the front, can be seen on photos. To she said her speech and the action were "completely spontaneous" been. That she had announced the day before "To liquidate the FRG government", be "a purely technical process"that was not associated with a specific form of action.

A woman with striking dreadlocks can be seen under the black-white-red flag: Presumably this is Tamara K .. (Source: Christian Mang / Reuters)

Dangerous rumors: These false reports are circulating about Corona What is important today: Corona – there is already the next crisis. Scandal is being dealt with: Attempted storming of the Reichstag has consequences

Dem "Daily mirror" she said: It was an unbelievable feeling, one was very happy about the resulting pictures. "The world is finally seeing what’s going on in our country." She is still convinced that Trump was in Berlin. But now she is being attacked and threatened.

In the scene it is rumored that she is a leftist, a mole of the authorities, the whole storm she initiated on the Reichstag building was a false flag campaign to discredit the movement. The yellow vests did not settle the Federal Republic this Saturday. But they themselves announced that they were planning it. The police are currently investigating the background to the riot.

Sources used: own research "This is the woman who called for an assault on the Reichstag"

There is no trace of masks and safety distance: After the large demonstration in Berlin, in which the Corona hygiene measures were violated, politicians are discussing a ban on such events. 

After the large-scale demonstration in Berlin over the weekend, the heated discussion continues about how incidents like those in the capital can be avoided in the future. While the German Association of Cities and the SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach called for tough action against rule breakers, a repetition of large-scale corona demonstrations was fundamentally questioned by the Union. The Association of Towns and Municipalities criticized the state of Berlin and its approach to the demo.

At the demonstration by a good 20,000 critics of the Corona policy on Saturday in Berlin, the conditions were deliberately disregarded: The minimum distance was not observed, hardly anyone wore a mask. In addition to corona deniers and vaccination opponents, there were also many participants with clearly right-wing flags or T-shirts in the crowd. The rally was eventually broken up by the police.

Dedy: Demonstrations shouldn’t lead to new hotspots

Brandenburg’s Interior Minister Michael Stübgen also criticizes in a statement: "There is no law against stupidity, but stupidity does not protect against punishment. The state of Berlin will critically evaluate its own handling of the thousandfold infection protection violations last weekend, I am sure of that. There is no need for external hints. Conditions like the one at the Corona demonstration in Berlin do not exist in Brandenburg."

The right to demonstrate is a great good, said City Council chief executive Helmut Dedy to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday editions). "But new corona hotspots must not develop from demonstrations. It is irresponsible not to comply with the rules and requirements in such a small space."

Therefore, fines would have to be imposed if regulations were disregarded during demonstrations, demanded Dedy. "And we must think about how to ensure that misconduct by demonstrators does not repeat itself to the extent that it was on the weekend."

The SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach also demanded fines for violations by the demonstrators. "When tens of thousands aggressively advertise non-observance of distance rules, it is a public health hazard"Lauterbach said on NDR Info. In the case of demonstrations, a mask requirement and an identification requirement should be imposed in order to enforce fines.

Lauterbach: "That endangers human life"

"Of course you can demonstrate, but not in such a way that you lose what was built in weeks"said Lauterbach. "That endangers human life and ruins the economy."

The Union interior expert Armin Schuster (CDU) referred to in the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post" Demonstrations like in Berlin as "a danger to the general public." In his opinion it would be proportionate to the meetings "only to be approved under much stricter conditions or not at all." The openly exhibited non-compliance with corona rules, the attacks on media representatives and repeated unpeaceful disputes with the police justified one in advance "significantly more consistent approach by the assembly authorities".

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The chief executive of the Association of Cities and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, said on Sunday evening in "picture"-Live talk "The right questions": "I don’t understand why Berlin did not issue much stricter requirements for the demonstration." Landsberg also showed understanding for impatience among the population in view of the corona restrictions: "It’s a marathon – and keeping discipline is difficult."

Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki also showed understanding for the demonstrators in the program. He is sure that among demonstrators "there were a lot of people who are not lost to us, who are simply desperate because they no longer know why these measures are being implemented"said the FDP deputy chief. "Politicians have failed to explain to people exactly what the aim of all measures is."

Sources used: AFP news agency

All of Germany is looking at these scenes: After the attempted storming of the Reichstag, the debate about the Corona demonstrations in Berlin does not end. The most important questions.

Protest against Corona measures Berlin
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The attempted assault on the Reichstag continues to cause excitement. Politicians argue about tightened security measures. The opposition is demanding clarification as to how around 400 demonstrators were able to penetrate the steps of parliament unmolested. And how will the demonstrations against the Corona measures continue? answers the most important questions about the Reichstag scandal. 

Who actually demonstrated there?

According to the police, more than 38,000 people took to the streets in Berlin on Saturday. Around 400 of them tried to get into the Reichstag building that evening. The actual demonstration was organized by the organization "Lateral thinking" initiated. Michael Ballweg, head of the Stuttgart Initiative, distanced himself from the rioters after the Reichstag scandal: "They have nothing to do with our movement." Lateral thinking is a peaceful and democratic movement, violence has no place there. 

The demonstrators came from a wide variety of backgrounds. Among them were neo-Nazis, anti-vaccination opponents, supporters of conspiracy theories and Reich citizens who do not recognize the Federal Republic and the Basic Law. The "Lateral thinking"Movement actively sought proximity to these groups. Here you can read more about it. Vaccination opponent Robert F. Kennedy, the nephew of the former US President John F. Kennedy, was allowed to speak as a guest of honor on stage. Here you can read more about it. 

Corona protest in front of the Chancellery: has the people in Berlin "Lateral thinking"-Camp and learn what they are asking for. (Source:

A visit to the protest camp of "Lateral thinking" before the demo shows that the protest against the corona measures was the lowest common denominator of the participants.  

Daybreak: There is already the next crisis

Who are the three cops?

When the angry mob began to storm in the direction of the Reichstag building, initially only three police officers reacted with presence of mind. They ran after the demonstrators, stood in front of the front doors and pushed people back. The names of the police officers are not known to protect them. The policeman without a helmet is the driver of the 5th alarm group of the Berlin police. 

The 53-year-old works in the Berlin hotspots Neukölln and Kreuzberg and has experience with drug-related crime and rioting, such as "picture" reported. In the face of hundreds of people who are storming the Reichstag, he gets by without baton and pepper spray. 

"I want you to go down (from the stairs) now"he just kept saying firmly. His two colleagues, on the other hand, pushed the demonstrators back with batons until reinforcements arrived a few minutes later. Little is known about them. One only knows that it is a Berlin group leader and an official from the same association. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has invited the police officers to Bellevue Palace.

Were the corona demos in Berlin just the beginning?

Peaceful protest against the Corona measures: At least that was the outwardly communicated goal of the demonstration. Things often looked different on the streets themselves. Numerous posters called for the removal of Merkel and the federal government. In addition, there were vaccination opponents, conspiracy theorists and numerous Reich citizens.