Loving gift for Mother’s Day

Loving gift for Mother’s Day

Fold a shirt with a tie

You can also use the elegant variant to make a shirt and tie out of your gift packaging. To do this, pack your bottle as described above. The top part of the paper is folded once until a straight fold is formed. However, do not glue these on, but place the gift bank under the folding edge. The gift bank should be about three times as wide as the folding edge. This will later serve as a tie.

Fold the paper over again a few times so that the ribbon is firmly under the fold. Now cut two small incisions of about one centimeter in the paper under the folded edge on the left and right. The part below the incision represents the shoulders. Fold the folded piece of paper over the incision backwards on the left and right. The upper part with the ribbon should represent the collar. Now tie a tie knot at the front of the gift bank and carefully tighten it. Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle to create a nice tie shape. Finally, carefully glue the tie with scotch tape.

Tips on paper and decoration

Finally, you can decorate the wrapped bottle elegantly. For every occasion, an individually designed greeting card is a popular way to congratulate or thank you for the invitation. If you used curled gift ribbon around the neck of the bottle, tie the card to it. Do not use any single-colored wrapping paper for packaging, but choose the motif carefully.

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With tissue paper you give your gift a particularly elegant look. It is elegant if you place the already packaged bottle on a small tray and also wrap it in transparent film. 

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – More customers than initially assumed are affected by an IT malfunction in the savings banks‘ payment transactions.

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The Landesbank Helaba announced on Tuesday in Frankfurt that there is a further delay in the booking of transactions, which particularly affects payments from Sparkasse customers to banks outside the financial group. "This can affect tens of thousands of customers."

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba), which is a partner for 49 savings banks in Hesse and Thuringia, emphasized that the still open payment flows would be processed at full speed. Customers would still have to be prepared for delays. "In individual cases it can take until the end of the week for the funds to reach the customer." Current payment transactions are not affected and are unrestricted, according to Helaba.college essay community service


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Customers who have suffered financial losses will be reimbursed for the damage by Helaba in return for proof, the institute said. To do this, savings bank customers would have to contact their house bank. There is a form on the Helaba website. Customers of financial institutions outside the Sparkasse Group can claim their loss directly from Helaba.

Numerous Sparkasse customers have had massive problems with their accounts since Thursday. Consumers failed to record credits such as wages and salaries due, causing a number of complaints. SEPA transfers, direct debits and card transactions were affected. Helaba started booking missing payments on Friday. The disturbance itself has been resolved.

Helaba initially announced that the problem had largely been resolved. There are only a few cases, a spokesman said on Tuesday. Now the breakdown widened. "After the technical malfunction was resolved, transaction files that were still open were identified, contrary to an initial analysis", it was said.

The background was an IT problem at the service provider Finanz Informatik, which is also responsible for Helaba. As a result, payment orders would have jammed on the Landesbank’s platform. A cyber attack on the bank could, however, be ruled out.

"We apologize for the inconvenience and are working flat out to process the outstanding transactions as quickly as possible", said Sven Matthiesen, Head of Management and Group Strategy at Helaba.

There are different methods how you can make original paper lanterns out of paper or thin cardboard. The advantage of these decorations is that you can make them yourself without much effort. We have put together a few particularly simple instructions for you.

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Paper lanterns as table decorations

Candles in glasses are a nice decoration for the table outdoors. If you want to enhance it visually, make paper lanterns that are simply put around the glasses. Paper in a color of your choice is suitable for this. Cut out a rectangle that is significantly higher than the glass. The width must be chosen so that you can at least loosely wrap the glass with the paper. Fold the bow in half so that the short side is cut in half.

Make parallel cuts vertically in the break edge, it is essential that there is an edge of three centimeters on all sides. The paper now looks a bit like a comb. Unfold the fold to glue the paper together into a cylinder. Now you can put the cylinder over the glass and compress it from top to bottom. Since the paper was cut into strips in the middle, these now fold outwards along the break edge. There are gaps between the strips through which the light penetrates to the outside. Tip: paint the paper with funny faces before you start making crafts.

Lanterns from boxes of cheese

With this type of paper lantern, you will need round boxes with lids. Cut out the middle of the lid so that there is only a two centimeter wide margin left. A lantern is created when you wrap a wide strip of paper around the edge of the bottom and the lid and join them in this way. You then have a paper tube. One opening of the tube is closed by the bottom of the box. The other side is reinforced and kept in shape by the edge of the lid.

The diameter of the lantern is determined by the size of the box. The height depends on the width of the paper strip you are using. Tip: Paint patterns with oil on colored, opaque paper so that the light can shine through in these areas.

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Balloon lanterns for every occasion

Tear tissue paper into pieces about four inches in diameter. Glue this onto an inflated balloon with paste. A margin of three to four centimeters must remain free around the closure of the balloon. In order for the lantern to be stable, you will need three to four layers. Tape around the edge with a string and hang the balloon on a clothesline by the closure. Once the paper is hard, the balloon is removed. Make the paper lanterns out of colored paper or for Halloween out of orange. The paper lanterns are reminiscent of pumpkins, which you can decorate by drawing on the mouth and eyes with a black felt pen.

Fly fishing is fundamentally different from other fishing techniques. Therefore, special accessories are required for fly fishing. The special throwing technique also requires practice. Learn more about the traditional fishing method here.

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The baits are what make fly fishing so special

The specialty of fly fishing lies in the baits, the so-called flies. In contrast to conventional fishing lures, which mostly imitate prey fish or their movement patterns, insects are imitated in fly fishing.

Conventional baits can be cast well because of their own weight or with an additional weight. The small baits used in fly fishing, on the other hand, are so light that they cannot be easily cast – a special line serves as a casting weight.

Fly fishing requires special accessories

The most important accessory when fly fishing is accordingly the line. Fly lines are available in various designs. The most common are the so-called WF (weight forward) cords, which become thicker towards the front in the shape of a club. This makes them easier and longer to throw and is particularly suitable for beginners. In order to reach fish in wider running waters, waders are recommended.

The throwing technique is fundamental to fly fishing and it is best to have an experienced fly fisherman explain it to you. It has little in common with ordinary fishing and is often elevated to an art form. A lot of training is required before you really master the technique.

Different types of fly fishing

A distinction is made between various types of fly fishing. The traditional method is dry fly fishing. Here baits are used that float on the surface of the water.

In wet fly fishing, on the other hand, the baits do not swim, but float under the water surface like dead insects. A subspecies of this is nymph fishing, in which the bait is additionally weighted so that it can go even deeper.

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Most similar to traditional fishing techniques is streamer fishing, where the bait is comparatively heavy. This species counts to fly fishing because the baits are made of the same material and imitate flies.

Incident in Baden-Württemberg: One truck hit the other, one of the two vehicles is a dangerous goods transporter. Both drivers were injured and Autobahn 6 has been closed.

Two people were seriously injured in a rear-end collision on Autobahn 6 near St. Leon-Rot in Baden-Württemberg.

According to initial findings, a truck loaded with dangerous goods hit another truck, which stopped because of a breakdown on the hard shoulder, as a police spokesman said early in the morning. Both drivers were rushed to hospital with serious injuries. The A6 was initially closed between the Walldorf junction and the Wiesloch / Rauenberg junction in the direction of Heilbronn.

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Around 2,000 liters of epoxy resin leaked from the approaching truck and seeped into the ground. The spokesman said the earth will probably have to be dug at the site. Experts from the Water Rights Office are on site to check this.

Sources used: dpa news agency

For Mother’s Day handicrafts with children, you can let the little rascals make a pretty wish table as a gift. It’s easy, quick and a lot of fun.

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Make a wish board for the whole year

If you still need a smart idea for Mother’s Day handicrafts with children, then just give it a try with a wish list. The practical blackboard is ideal as a gift, because Mum can write down her wishes on it all year round – which should of course be fulfilled. For the mother’s day handicrafts with children you need a piece of cardboard, which is ideally printed with flowers or another loving motif, blackboard foil, chalk, a sponge, elastic bands, glue and scissors.

First, cut out a large heart with the children from the cardboard. Glue a slightly smaller heart to it that you cut out of the blackboard so that the motif of the cardboard frames the blackboard. Cut a third small heart out of the cardboard and glue it to the outside of the big heart. It should serve as a holder for a piece of chalk.

Loving gift for Mother’s Day

You can attach the chalk to the heart with a rubber band. To do this, carve a notch around the piece of chalk so that the tape holds better. You can attach the little sponge with which the board can be cleaned to the wish board with a magnet.

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The sponge is also ideally cut into a heart.