Windows burst and houses crumble.

Windows burst and houses crumble.

The newspaper „La Vanguardia“ reported that stones, bottles and golf balls had also flown. Four months before the start of the World Cup in Russia, concerns about outbreaks of violence are growing. Spanish media wrote that the security forces had arrested nine suspects – five Basques, three Russians and one Pole. Three people were injured.

A Russian was wounded in the back with a knife, but his life is not in danger, according to the newspaper „El Mundo“. „Our greatest condolences to the family and colleagues of the policeman who died today,“ said Athletic Bilbao. The club and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy condemned the riots. The sports newspaper „Marca“ quoted a message from the treating doctors that an attempt had been made to resuscitate the police officer in the hospital for an hour. But he finally died of cardiac arrest. „Marca“ spoke of the „open fight between radical fans of Athletic and Spartak Moscow“. According to media reports, the police were in front of the San Mamés Stadium with a large contingent of 600 officers.

There were also 200 private security guards commissioned by Athletic. Even before the riots, they had confiscated numerous batons and iron bars, according to „La Vanguardia“. The paper reported that at least 500 Russian hooligans had traveled to Spain for the game, and the European Football Union (Uefa) said it was in contact with local authorities in Bilbao to get more information about the rioting.

The Spanish league wrote on Twitter that it strongly condemned the violence that led to the death of the police officer and demanded: “Say no to the violence.” Even before the game, the German federal police had arrested an internationally wanted Russian hooligan at Munich Airport. According to the police, the authorities in France had been looking for the 31-year-old with an international arrest warrant since last November. He is said to have seriously injured a British fan during the European Football Championship in France in 2016. At the time of his arrest, he was just passing through from Russia to Spain and ended up in Munich for a stopover.

As the police also announced, the man has already been brought before the judge and is in prison in Munich. His extradition proceedings are now running there. He faces up to 15 years imprisonment for serious bodily harm and attempted deliberate killing. Source:, cwo / dpa „Germany wants to take in even more minors from Greece in the near future. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The situation in the completely Overcrowded refugee camps on the Greek Aegean islands is already dramatic. An outbreak of Covid-19 could have devastating consequences in view of the hygienic conditions. Germany is now allowing 50 unaccompanied minors into the country. Germany wants 50 unaccompanied minors from the refugee camps in the coming week record in the Greek islands.

As the German Press Agency in Berlin learned, the state government in Hanover has promised that they can spend their corona quarantine of two weeks in Lower Saxony. They are then to be distributed across several federal states. According to reports, Germany wants to organize a charter flight together with Luxembourg, which has agreed to take in 12 children and young people at short notice. Germany plans to take in even more minors from Greece in the near future. The coalition committee of the Union and the SPD decided in March to bring a total of around 1000 to 1500 children to Germany and look after them within the framework of the EU partners from Greece. According to the coalition resolution, these are children who are seriously ill or unaccompanied and who are younger than 14 years.

In March, a total of eight EU countries declared themselves ready to accept unaccompanied refugees and other migrants from Greece. In addition to Germany, they include France, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Croatia and Lithuania. The EU Commission is trying to implement this, for example the selection of children and the booking of flights. Due to the corona crisis, some countries are said to have declared that they may not implement the admission until a later date. The situation in the completely overcrowded refugee camps on the Greek Aegean Islands is already dramatic.

An outbreak of Covid-19 diseases there could have devastating consequences in view of the catastrophic hygienic conditions, so the fear. Source:, jki / dpa „“ „News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject Athletic Bilbao England champions Manchester United can now concentrate on defending their title in the Premier League. Against Athletic Bilbao, the co-favorites to win the Europa League already in the round of 16 knocked out a small problem for United: Even championship rivals Man City are no longer internationally challenged FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao contest the Spanish Cup final.

Barcelona beat Valencia CF 2-0. That’s enough, after all, the first leg ended in a draw. And Real Madrid?

Had already failed in the quarterfinals – at FC Barcelona. Madrid / Málaga (AP) – Real Madrid are five points ahead of defending champions FC Barcelona in the Spanish soccer championship. Front runners Real won 4-1 (1-1) at home against Athletic Bilbao after Barcelona had previously presented 4-1 (1-0) to FC Málaga. Athletic Bilbao, PSV Eindhoven, Legia Warsaw, Twente Enschede and RSC Anderlecht move into the knockout round of the European Football League. Miroslav Klose can still hope to progress with Lazio Rome as well as Roberto Hilbert and Fabian Ernst with Besiktas Istanbul.

Werder Bremen created a good starting position for the second round of the Europa League in an impressive manner. With a relaxed 3-0 (3-0) walk at Athletic Bilbao, the Bundesliga club confidently defended first place in Group L. Athletic Bilbao reached the second round of the Europa League in a scandalous game at Austria Vienna. Austria fans stormed the field in the second half and provoked an approximately 25-minute break. Werder Bremen takes over the lead in Group L of the Europa League after beating Athletic Bilbao. HSV can also score – only Hertha loses.

Honorary captain Uwe Seeler has given the trio from the Bundesliga soccer team attractive group opponents in the Europa League. Hamburger SV face Celtic Glasgow, Werder Bremen face Athletic Bilbao. The Spanish first division soccer team Athletic Bilbao has celebrated a 16-year-old young player as a savior in qualifying for the Europa League. The Spanish international Joseba Etxeberria is doing something that should be unique in the world of professional football: He will kick for free for his Club Athletic Bilbao in the coming season. „The Greek Navy, here during an exercise south of Athens, was killed because of Turkish drilling deployed in the Mediterranean (Photo: REUTERS) Greece is sending units of the Navy to the Aegean because of Turkish gas drilling in the Mediterranean.

The ships are on „increased alert“. The EU Commission in Brussels is again calling on Turkey to exercise restraint. Against the background of the tensions with Turkey over gas drilling in the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek Navy has sent its ships to the Aegean Sea and put them on „heightened alert“. „Units of the navy have been in action in the south and southeast of the Aegean since yesterday,“ said Greek naval circles. Athens protested on Tuesday that Turkey had announced exploratory trips south of the Greek island of Kastellorizo: „We call on Turkey to immediately stop its illegal activities that violate our sovereign rights and undermine peace and security in the region.“ the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains.

Athens warned of a further escalation between the countries if Turkey does not withdraw its drillships from the region, which belongs to the Greek continental shelf. According to the naval representative, the Greek Navy is ready to react to „any activity.“ Greece also called on seafarers to ignore a maritime restriction imposed by Turkey on the Aegean region. According to the office of the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will meet with representatives of the Greek parties on Thursday and Friday to brief them on „national affairs“.

Since the discovery of rich gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean, including off the coast of Cyprus, there has been a heated dispute over their exploitation. Both the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey lay claim to the sea area. The government in Ankara is trying to create facts by significantly expanding the borders of its sea area in the eastern Mediterranean through a controversial maritime agreement with Libya. Greece and the EU describe the Turkish action as illegal. SPD Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on Turkey during his visit to Athens on Tuesday to stop gas and oil drilling in the eastern Mediterranean. The German government expects Ankara to „end the drilling operations off the coast of Cyprus and that no further ones – wherever – are started,“ said Maas at a joint press conference with his Greek colleague Nikos Dendias. The EU Commission called in Brussels Turkey again on Wednesday to show restraint.

Spokeswoman Nabila Massrali called for a dialogue and negotiations between the two NATO countries. Source:, dbe / AFP „(Photo: picture alliance / dpa) After the severe earthquake in the Aegean Sea with more than 20 dead people have been looking for helpers and relatives since Saturday morning In the western Turkish metropolis of Izmir there were more survivors under the rubble. A woman was rescued after 17 hours. According to the disaster control agency Afad, there was an aftershock with a magnitude of 5.0 in the region of the western Turkish district of Seferihisar on Saturday morning. Hundreds of them were already there during the night Aftershocks given. Source: „“ Both sides are increasing their military presence in the region and holding maneuvers at sea. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Turkey is an open threat in the dispute over the territorial claims of Greece and Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean with a military conflict due to Greece’s plans to expand the territories in the Ionian Sea.

Turkey has threatened Greece with a military conflict in the event of an expansion of its territorial waters in the Aegean Sea. „If that’s not a reason for war, what else?“ Said Vice President Fuat Oktay of the state news agency Anadolu. The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had declared in parliament on Wednesday that Greece was expanding its sovereign zone in the Ionian Sea, which faces Italy, from 6 to 12 nautical miles. In sea areas where other countries are more than 24 nautical miles away, this could possibly also happen. Athens was ready to enter into dialogue with Turkey on the establishment of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Octay said Ankara would defend its rights at sea regardless of all costs. He also called on the EU to be „fair“.

The European Union is not an international court that determines what is right and wrong. The EU foreign ministers called on Ankara on Friday for an ultimate dialogue with Greece. Otherwise, the EU special summit on September 24 could discuss further punitive measures against Turkey.

As early as 1995 the Turkish parliament declared an expansion of the Greek territorial waters in the Aegean Sea as a reason for war for Turkey. Because then, because of the numerous Greek islands, the Aegean would virtually become a Greek lake. Tensions between the two member states of NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have risen sharply over a dispute over submarine raw materials. Large reserves of natural gas are believed to be in the eastern Mediterranean and Turkey is exploring the subsurface in sea areas claimed by Cyprus or Greece.

The Greek and Turkish armed forces are holding maneuvers in the region. France took part in the Greek maneuvers and the US Navy in the Turkish exercises. On Friday, Turkey said it had intercepted 6 Greek F-16 fighter jets east of Cyprus. Previously, she had extended the work of her seismic exploration ship „Oruc Reis“ there by five days until September 1st.

On Saturday, Ankara announced new target practice in the eastern Mediterranean off Turkey’s south coast. Source:, jru / dpa „News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of the Aegean Sea The earth is shaking under the Aegean Sea.

The effects can be felt in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Windows burst and houses crumble. Thousands of people leave their homes in panic. According to local media, there are injured people. At least two people drown in the wreck of two refugee boats off the Greek coast.

More than twenty people are still missing. The Greek coast guard is looking for survivors with ships and helicopters. The Aegean excursion by a group of tourists on a replica pirate ship comes to an abrupt end: a ship’s gun installed for show purposes detonates near the Greek holiday island of Kos.

The explosion tears the skipper to his death. Seven people on board were injured, including two children from Germany. Here comes the author Nikolic lost twice in past elections to Serbia’s President Tadic, now the nationalist is turning the tables. „I congratulate him on the win,“ says the loser and clears the field.

Meanwhile, Nikolic surprises with statements about joining the EU and announces a mammoth project: a hundreds of kilometers long canal between the Danube and the Aegean. Greece urgently needs money. Tourists on the Aegean islands are welcome there.

The problem with this is that the state barely earns money from them because tax evasion is widespread. A current review of 750 companies on the islands provides the sobering result. Bathing in the Mediterranean is nowhere really pleasant – but the values ​​are rising in some cases. There was a slight plus in the Aegean Sea, where vacationers can now expect 14 to 17 degrees.

The Cypriot cruise ship „Aquamarine“ canceled a cruise in the Aegean because of a five meter long crack in the hull.